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Deksmart™ Vinyl Decking for a Sundeck That’s Going to Look Great for Many Years

Most people who are fortunate enough to have a sundeck off of their home are going to make that their favourite spot when the weather’s fine. That’s going to mean a lot of wear and tear, and that’s particularly true if you’re a family and / or you love to have the neighbours over for barbeques. And then of course there’s the weather. Late fall and winter always come around with consistent precipitation and cold temperature extremes, and even that sun you love so much between May and September takes a toll on your deck too. Whatever’s coming down, your sundeck takes the brunt of it the same way your roof does.

Deksmart™ vinyl decking is engineered to be a waterproof vinyl deck surface that beats all competitive brands in head-to-head strength tests. That covers everything, from being able to stand up to weather challenges to being tough against impact and stress damage that would have most deck surfaces cracked in no time. It’s no more time consuming to apply to Deksmart™ than any conventional surfaces, but believe us when we say it’ll outperform any of them as the years pass by.

Vinyl Decking by Deksmart™ is the Smart Choice for Homeowners in Western Canada

Metro Vancouver may enjoy the mildest climate in all of Canada, but any sundeck that’s not built with premium materials in still going to be in worse shape sooner than one that features Deksmart™. It’s specific compound provides exceptional durability, and it’s not surprising that word is getting around amongst homeowners that Deksmart™ decks are superior and excellent choices for homeowners that want the best. It’s most certainly an investment in your home and a deck that’s built to last will add to the value of your home nicely.

Enjoy the Peace of Mind of Knowing Your Sundeck is as Tough as They Come

We mean it – don’t hold back in enjoying your sundeck to the max and smile when Mother Nature’s proceeding to make it face the elements. Deksmart™ sundecks are the best around, and each and every one of them is built to last, and that’s the honest truth. Celsky Vinyl Sundecks & Railings Ltd. is an authorized Deksmart™ dealer, and they’ll apply it to your sundeck with an expert touch. Call for a free quote on your sundeck job anytime.